Trusted LED Lighting Wholesaler in Canberra

Group of led bulbs closeup on white background.

Safe and effective lighting is crucial for residential and commercial properties. POPES understands the importance of working with trusted and reliable products when completing any contract work. We offer business to business solutions for all your lighting and light fittings requirements.

We stock products that encompass all you need to complete any electrical job and help your clients illuminate their space. We provide:

  • LED lamps
  • Torches
  • Battens
  • T-Bars
  • Domestic solutions
  • Architectural and industrial lighting

Lighting Solutions for Your Business

LED lamps have a lifespan that is several times longer than a standard incandescent bulb. As well as a longer-life, this technology also possesses a greater electrical efficiency. With many homes and offices switching to the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly lighting options available, your business requires a steady supply to keep up with demand.

POPES has a comparable buying power to that of larger wholesale businesses. Our strength in the market allows us to pass the price savings to you so you can cope with the demand for LED lighting. Our position as a leading LED lighting wholesaler in Canberra allows you to trust our service as well as benefit from the financial savings. Locally owned and operated, all of the profits made through POPES remains in the Canberra community, every purchase helps the local economy and ensures you remain in business.

Light Fittings to Suit All

It is not all about the brightness and style of globe, many customers are concerned with what fixtures are being used to install and house their lighting. Our extensive product range reflects our understanding that no two customers are the same. A warehouse manager will require large industrial light fittings whereas a small home owner may be looking for something subtle to help disperse the light and add style to their home. Whether you are simply after recessed downlight fittings or large steel industrial casing, POPES has cost-effective solutions for your business.

Stop into any of our three stores in Canberra or give us a call to discuss what supplies you need for your next contract.