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PROVISION-ISR is an Israeli multinational company founded to meet the demands for high quality products in the CCTV market. The products are stringently designed in Israel, which is why we are able to offer specialised leading-edge CCTV solutions. We offer advanced software solutions (video analytics above all else) keeping the user interface simple and intuitive.

Provision-ISR’s range of devices, encompasses different camera series, specifically designed to help the installers to find the best suited solution for their customers. We’re able to meet the needs of any kind of customer: from those who seek a professional CCTV line, that is able to guarantee the best image quality, to those who look for the best price offer.

Provision-ISR represents a One-Stop-Shop for all CCTV product needs. The range of products also includes a full series of tested and reliable accessories. In Provision-ISR’s eyes both Data Protection and Data Privacy are “sacred”. Provision-ISR invested tremendous resources and developed dozens of new mechanisms and algorithms to keep your data safe.

  • Easy Installation – Plug and play.
  • IP and AHD systems.
  • Free and easy to navigate app.
  • Offer a full range of products to suit professional and domestic settings.
  • Customer support – Quick and efficient support of all products when needed.
  • Guidance – We are there to guide you through every step of the process, including advise on small to large scale systems.
  • Analytic features – Pro & Eco – Camera tampering, line crossing, sterile area, object monitoring, smart search, face detection, people intrusion, people gathering, people counting.
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Wired ip solutions

Wired IP Solutions

IP Protocol is the most common form of communication between computer networks and the Internet.

Therefore, it is ideal for streaming a high-quality video through networking infrastructure.

IP surveillance technology, offers a high-tech flexible solution without compromising reliability or picture quality.

With Provision-ISR’s superior production quality, high picture resolution, advanced features and a wide product range, users will surely find, their IP based surveillance system solution.

Wired ahd solutions

Wired AHD Solutions

AHD CCTV, is an analogue high definition closed-circuit television video surveillance standard, that uses coax cable to transmit HD video from security cameras to DVRs.

One of the advantages of AHD cameras, is that coax cable can be run long distances without video loss.

AHD technology boasts full compatibility with analogue cameras and with any analogue or digital video recorder.

Provision-ISR AHD cameras, feature the universal 4 in1 technology that allows the installer to choose the camera output between AHD, TVI, CVI or ANALOG.

Wireless solutions

Wireless Solutions

With their ability to be placed anywhere without worrying about wires or existing network infrastructure, wireless cameras have become extremely popular.

  • No cable required to the recorder.
  • Long distance and reliable Wi-Fi Connectivity.
  • Plug & Play: Single click to pair the camera and the repeater.
  • Voice status indication.
  • Great quality/price ratio.
Provision accessories connector


Provision-ISR is a One-Stop-Shop for all CCTV product needs. We have managed to create a full range of CCTV accessories (monitors, power supplies, brackets, junction boxes, connectors, baluns) matching all types of CCTV installation.

We understand the need for tested and reliable CCTV accessories and set high quality standards to all products.

Want to try a smart technology that you can depend on?

Provsion cctv product mount


40M Motorized VF Vandal-Proof Dome

Provision cctv product basemount


40M IR Motorized VF Lens Dome

Provision cctv product sidemount


40M IR Fixed Lens Bullet

Provision cctv product long


Professional Box Camera